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Poetically Incorrect

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Originally this community was for me to post my writings but I have decided I'm going to use this space for graphics and such I make as well.

Most posts will be made public, the only friends only posts will be any writings that I would considered rated 13+. If you're interested in reading any of the writings that are friends only then just join the community. Membership is moderated for copyright and legal reasons. I'm fairly quick at getting to any/all requests.

If you wish to use any graphics from this community please follow these guidelines:
    #1. Do not claim as your own! Credit drakefn or poetryincorrect in keywords and/or your userinfo.
    #2. You're welcome to change/alter any graphics provided you still credit me.
    #3. This one is real simple, comment and let me know you'll be using it? Thanks.

If you'd like to share any writings from this journal... please don't. Just point folks to this journal, to my fanfiction.net page or my fictionpress.com page. If all else fails e-mail me at the address listed above for permission to share. All copyrights remain mine - except of course in instances of fanfiction. Copyright remains with said persons listed in the disclaimers.