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Jazz: Star #3

Part One
Part Two

It was almost two in the morning when Jazz and Doug finally got to the hotel. Checking in Jazz rolls her eyes when the desk clerk informs her that she is registered in the presidential suite. "That's insane," she told her. "I don't need the presidential suite, I just need a regular room."

"I'm afraid we're completely booked this weekend," the clerk tells her after rapidly typing on her keyboard for a few seconds. "The hotel is holding a large writers convention. I can get you into a different room on Monday if the suite is suitable for the weekend."

Jazz sighed. "Guess it'll have to do," she said, shrugging and she pulled out her credit card.

"We already have a credit card on record," the clerk informs her typing rapidly again. "You're covered by a Mitch Renagan." Jazz paused and then began to smile.

"Mitch, really?" she asked and then began to laugh. "The presidential suite will be just fine, thank you."

When they got to the suite Doug gave Jazz a confused look. "What was so funny?"

"Mitch is paying for all this," she told him. "He never listens when I tell him I don't need all this extravegant stuff. This weekend we're going to go crazy and teach him not to do things like this." Doug winked.

"Crazy you say?"

"Hungry?" Jazz asked as she grabbed a room service menu. "Surely they do everything for folks forking out the money for the presidential suite?" He just laughed as he put the bags down on the bar.

After a moment Jazz threw aside the menu and glanced around the room. They were standing in what the hotel called the living area. There were sofa's and a plasma television, a stereo system, a bar and other amenities that seem strange in a hotel room. Shaking her head she looked over the bar, amused by the amount of liquor available to someone underage. Doug came up behind her putting his arms around his waist. Jazz was startled to feel him behind her, but not uncomfortable. It wasn't the first time he'd made such personal contact but the it always came as a surprise.

"Come on girl, I want to see if Dorthy is going to make it out of Oz this time," he whispered in her ear as he gently pulled her towards the sofa. Giving in she allowed him to pull her over. Sitting down on the sofa opposite the television she pulled a pillow to her chest and got comfortable as Doug put the movie into the dvd player. Jumping up quickly Doug gave her a strange look and then laughed when he realized she was headed to the bar. As Doug got the snacks ready on the various tables Jazz made them both a rum with coke.

"OK, we're all set," he said as Jazz brought the drinks over. Handing Doug his she sat down and curled up to the pillow again. Taking a seat right beside her Doug put his arm around Jazz's shoulder and hit play on the remote. Jazz could smell Doug's aftershave and smiled, he always did wear her favourite.

"Shoot, we forgot to turn the lights off," he said as he jumped up while the FBI warning flashed on the screen. Running over he hit the light switch and hurried back to the sofa. Jazz sat up a little to curl up more comfortably as Doug sat back down. Placing her head on his shoulder as his arm found it's position again they started the movie. "See, now this is a birthday," Doug said.

"I'll drink to that," Jazz whispered as she held up her glass. The two clicke dthem together and drank.

"OK, we should probably just bring the booze to the sofa," Doug whispered, getting up again to grab liquor this time.
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